Civil/Small Claims Division

The Civil division handles cases in court in which the amount of money in dispute does not exceed $15,000.00.

Small Claims court maximum claim is $6,000.00, money only. (Not for return of property or any other remedy). You do not have to have a lawyer represent you in small claims court, but you may have one represent you if you wish.


If you have any questions, you are advised to seek legal counsel. The court can not appoint an attorney to represent you in civil matters.


Landlord tenant disputes and appeals to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles are filed in this division. Please keep in mind that the civil division is separate from the small claims division which only handles cases of $6,000.00 or less.

To file a civil case in the Fremont Municipal Court, the action must have occurred or the defendant must reside in the court's jurisdiction.

Small Claims

A small claims complaint form will need to be filled out, which should correctly identify the parties involved, with a brief but clear statement of the reason for your lawsuit. You must sign your complaint in the presence of a clerk at the court, and provide picture ID at the time of filing. Once the complaint has been filed, the court will set a court hearing. Make sure that you bring all documents that you need to substantiate your claim.

Small Claims Information Sheet


Filing Fee
Amended Civil Complaint (Original +1 Copy for Each Defendant) $80.00
Amended Small Claims Complaint (Original +1 Copy for Each Defendant) $50.00
Appeal** (Original + 5 Copies) $50.00
** Must be accompanied by $150.00 for court of appeals
Bailiff Service Fees in Town 1st Trip $10.00
(2nd Trip or More Additional Fees) $5.00
Bailiff Service Fees Out of Town 1st Trip $20.00
(2nd Trip or More Additional Fees) $5.00
Bank Attachment (Original +6 Copies) $60.00
(Plus $1.00 payable to bank)
Certified Copies $1.00/page
Certified Mail $15.00
Certificate of Judgment Lien $20.00
Certificate of Judgment Transfer $20.00
Civil Complaint (Original +1 Copy for Each Defendant) $110.00
(Each Additional Defendant, Same Claim) $20.00
Civil Counterclaim (Original +1 for Each Plaintiff) $80.00
Civil Crossclaim (Original +1 for Each Party) $80.00
Copies (Not Certified) $0.10/page
Debtor's Exam (Plus Additional Fees) (Original +2 Copies) $45.00
Disclosure of Assets (Plus Additional Fees) $20.00
Exemplified Copy $5.00
Forcible Entry & Detainer (Evictions) (Original +1 Per Defendant For Each Form of Service) $120.00
(Each Additional Defendant, Same Claim) $25.00
Garnishments (Original +4 Copies) $120.00
(Ordinary Mail Per Defendant, Additional Fee) $5.00
Jury Demand $20.00
Jury Notice Fees $35.00
Levy (Plus Additional Service Fees) (Original +3 Copies) $170.00
Motion to Compel $35.00
Motion for Default Judgment $35.00
Motion for Revivor $35.00
Occupational Driving Letter (Replacement Cost) $50.00
Ordinary Mail (Certificate of Mailing) $5.00
Petition for Driving Privileges $110.00
Replevin (Original +3 Copies) $170.00 + Service
Security Deposit for Jury $160.00
Small Claims Filing Fee $60.00
(Each Additional Defendant, Same Claim) $20.00
Small Claims Counterclaim $50.00
Small Claims 15 Day Notice to Collect Debt $15.00
Subpoenas $10.00
Each, Plus Service
Transcript of Court Proceedings (DVR Only) $5.00
Transcript of Court Proceedings (Typed Paper Copy) Cost to Be Determined
Transfer Into This Court $80.00
Trusteeship $50.00
Writ of Execution $170.00
Satisfaction Entry
(All Prior Costs Must Be Paid in Full)
No Fee
Motion to Dismiss
(All Prior Costs Must Be Paid in Full)
No Fee
All Bankruptcy Filings No Fee