Criminal Division

The Criminal division of the Fremont Municipal Court handles criminal violations that have taken place within the City of Fremont, Ballville Township and Sandusky Township.

Criminal cases heard in the Fremont Municipal Court are misdemeanor cases. Criminal cases that carry higher penalties may have a preliminary hearing in this court to determine probable cause. If probable cause is found, final disposition will be heard and determined by the Sandusky County Common Pleas Court.

Individuals booked on a misdemeanor charge may be issued a summons to appear in Court on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. Those individuals who post bond can be scheduled for appearance at 9:00 a.m. the following day. All Felony cases must be scheduled for arraignment the next Court day.

Please wear proper attire when reporting for any court hearing.

When you arrive at the court, please check in with the clerk's office, and once you are excused and you need proof that you were present in court, the clerk's office will provide you with a letter.

Court cases will be set for bench trials. If the clerk receives a jury demand and a possible waiver of time, the case shall be rescheduled for a final pre-trial with a jury trial, thereafter, if applicable.


Appeal ** (Original and 5 Copies) $50.00
** Must Be Accompanied by $150.00 Made Out to Court of Appeals**
Bailiff Service Fees in Town, 1st Trip $10.00
(2nd Trip or More, Additional Fees) $5.00
Bailiff Service Fees Out of Town, 1st Trip $20.00
(2nd Trip or More, Additional Fees) $5.00
Certified Mail $10.00
Certified Copies of Filings $1.00/page
Clerk's Warrant Fee $25.00
Compact to Out-of-State Residents $5.00
Copies of Filings (Not Certified) $0.10/page
Criminal Base Court Courts
(Additional Fees May Apply)
Diversion Fee $100.00
Intensive Supervision Probation Fee (Per Month) $25.00
Jail Fee (Per Sentencing Entry) $10.00
Jury Fee Notices $35.00
Jury Selection Cost $220.00
Occupational Driving Letter $50.00
OVI Base Court Costs
(Additional Fees May Apply)
Probation Fees Per Month Non-Reporting $10.00
Probation Fees Per Month Reporting $15.00
Public Defender Fee $25.00
Sealing/Expungment Fee $50.00/Case
Seatbelt Violation Court Costs $75.00
Subpoenas $10.00 (plus service fees)
Traffic Court Base Costs
(Additional Fees May Apply)
Transcript of Court Proceedings (DVR Only) $5.00
Transcript of Court Proceedings (Typed Paper Copy) Cost to Be Determined
** Credit Card payments are accepted online only via court website. 3rd party fee applies.